With the collection „magic legwear“ the new woman emphasizes her femininity. In the international world of fashion feminine attributes finally assert themselves again. The modern woman is allowed and expected to be “woman” –with all her graceful feminity.
Modern, attractive, lascivious ..., the affinity with beautiful clothes, costumes and shorts directs all glances to the female leg. The knee-highs of the 4giv collection put a woman’s most beautiful weapon into the centre of attention in the most seductive way – soft as gloves they are the stylistic device that covers, uncovers and attracts. The sophisticated woman uses this elegant accessory as a stylistic tool to express herself and emphasize her personal taste.

Made of exceptional and high quality stretch goat- and lambskin, the knee-highs can only be manufactured in highly sophisticated sewing works, using a complex, patented process. The softness of this expensive and fine leather ensures an excellent fit. This special quality symbol in combination with an exclusive design is the distinguishing feature of 4giv’s knee-high collection.

„Let us inspire you with our ideas and discover a garment of
a new dimension!“

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